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The Computer & Management College (CMC) is a private technical school established in the year 1975 in Lebanon. It is located in Hamra district, the active commercial center of the capital Beirut.

It is specialized in preparing students to get degrees in business, accounting, information technology, & computer science areas of specialty. The Computer & Management College offer these as a BT degree equivalent to the Lebanese Baccalaureate and TS degree that is equivalent to a university degree minus one year.

The Computer & Management College has about 400 students enrolled in these programs plus about 150 other students taking special courses in English Language, Computer skills, Graphic Design, Ticketing, and Management.

Moreover, CMC has developed recently an excellent methodology to deliver training for individuals and corporate that emphasis direct application in the training process. It has succeeded to deliver specialized training courses to various corporate in various fields.

The Organization Mission Statement

The Computer & Management College is a private technical school that aims to give the Lebanese youth a chance for proper education and enhancement of their abilities to face the real world.

The CMC takes the role not only that of the teaching school but also as the educator that follows up its students in their education and work preparation.

We give morality with information, self-confidence along with good attitudes, and good skill with better understanding of the real world.

The CMC role is not just to give certificates, its role is to tutor, educate, train, teach, and instruct students and give them a positive insight toward the future.

We develop the capacities of our students               
                    We prepare them for a challenging world



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